The Folded Plate Stair by Zeitform Design

The Folded Plate Stair by Zeitform Design

Types of Wood

The ZEITFORM folded plate stair consists of a patented “sandwich” material. The upper and the lower layer are made of solid wood, while the middle layer in between is made of special laminated plywood. This middle layer is essential for the staircase and cannot be omitted.

For the upper and the lower layer you can choose between five different types of wood. The laminated plywood, however, is principally only admitted in birch or beech. Due to the fact that every type of wood has its own static characteristics, each type needs to be approved and admitted by the building authorities.

The admittance of further types of wood can easily be obtained, if desired.


In the following please find several photos of the admitted types of wood. Please note that due to the varying monitors the photos CANNOT be reproduced in their true colours.